It’s All About The Experience Baby!!

I noticed Shezzer was testing out some new backgrounds yesterday, but i just can’t figure out what he means by the ‘Entertainer’ and the ‘Showman’
All trolling aside, all i have ever seen him do is some Michael Jackson moves, which he then repeats on every single show. It’s a bit like when you go on holiday and there is a comedian on who tells good jokes, the first night is good and keeps you entertained, but when you see them the 2nd night and the 3rd night and so on, you start to know what is coming and when.

Anyway, lets take a look at his little ‘promo’



If he’s going to big himself up to that extent, he really is going to have to have some new material, rather than just sit down, play song, get up and dance like MJ, sit down, play song, get up and dance like MJ and on and on…

EDIT: The video freezing is how his cast was coming through, so it’s not your internet or anything lol.







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3 Thoughts to “It’s All About The Experience Baby!!”

  1. Anonymous

    No shez you got it all wrong there, what the video should have said was……. self pretentious twat, butthurt, serial lurker, deluded, daftie, arse kisser, hopeless computer hacker. i suppose you could always put another video up that is closer to the truth, but then again you and the truth don't exactly see eye to eye.

  2. so much lag i could not watch it all

  3. Anonymous

    Maybe try using an up to date picture of himself too. He's not 15 anymore !

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