UK Invasion Evolves Into LDR

One of the things the UK Invasion were famous and hated for, was the way anybody that went against the grain and said anything other than 100% positive, was purged, muted and banned.

Well, you can see just why Shezzer feels “at home” with LDR, it’s like deja vu.

Now, come on, all this guy says is these dj’s aren’t keeping it lethal. As soon as he posted that though, i just knew what was coming hehe.

Yeah, i mean, who does have the time for somebody that doesn’t kiss your ass and say you are the greatest…

2 Thoughts to “UK Invasion Evolves Into LDR”

  1. Its a shame they are doing this, banning for the slightest thing, but i guess it was to be expected.

  2. Anonymous

    These numpties are most certainly suffering from delusions of grandeur, kinda sad i guess, and yep the LDR will seem like utopia to the twat commonly known as shez.

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