Joe Walsh Banned From LDR :

Ok, i’m not one for banning people for something that is supposed to have happened in someone else’s cast, but at the end of the day, it’s your channel, your rules.
Here we have Joe Walsh, being banned from LDR on the say so of MichelleStacy, who claims he was using a racist word in another channel.

As you see, he’s accused of saying the ‘N’ word so is banned. Now, the ‘N’ word….wouldn’t happen to be this ‘N’ word used by Orale would it?

Whoops, looks like this is a case of do as i say and not as i do.

One Thought to “Joe Walsh Banned From LDR :”

  1. Anonymous

    Looks like a wee bit of selective racism going on here with these numpties.

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