NorthernMonkey: The Don Of Rotherham

Have you seen Dicky, NorthernMonkey? Seriously, this dude is so thin, a fart on your face would have a bigger impact than a punch from him. But time and time and time again, he seems to have rage fits, where he suddenly thinks he’s some kind of doorman or gangster or something.

Last night during Shez’ cast, there was quite a few trolling as guests, Dicky himself, till he lost control and signed in, enjoy 🙂

He turns from a raging nutcase, to like nothings just happened lol.

One Thought to “NorthernMonkey: The Don Of Rotherham”

  1. Anonymous

    So Mr puniverse is still issuing threats of violence to people from the safety of his K/B, i well remember the time he called me a scottish prick and him saying how he was gonna punch my face in which caused me to go in to fits of laughter, come to think of it wee dickie seems to have a thing about scottish people, i don't know maybe some drunk scottish guy lifted his kilt up and bared his hairy arse to wee dickie one night leaving him so traumatised thus causing his apparent hatred towards us jocks…….lol

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