NorthernMonkey In Denial:

Poor old Dicky, this blog hurts him more than any of the others, so much so, his stomach twists with pure hatred for it, why, because just like Shezzer, he isn’t in control.

They know they can ban – mute – purge or even cast in secret to control what people say to them, but what they can’t mute or control, is this blog, and they hate that fact.  So to try and ease the burning anger and rage that consumes their whole body whenever this blog is mentioned, they to try convince themselves that nobody comes here.

Sorry to burst your bubble Dicky, but they do…take a look 🙂

This was taken last night in Shez’ cast 10th May 2014. You’re probably wondering why i mentioned the date, well, because while Dickster was trying to convince himself and others, look who was reading the blog at that same moment:

Like i’ve said numerous times, no matter what IP’s you lot try to hide under, the trackers will always know it’s you, it even lists your names lol. Now i can show these IP’s because these are just different VPN’s that Shezzer uses, the new IP is a new server/VPN he was using.

Anyway, lets take another look in the Admin panel eh.


So there you have it Dicky, the figures show that people do enjoy laughing at you dudes 🙂

4 Thoughts to “NorthernMonkey In Denial:”

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  2. Nice Work on the Blog Soultrain.

  3. Oh he's really bad, that's how i can always tell that it's him when he's a guest, there is one word in particular that he always spells wrong, as you'll see in the upcoming screenshots 😉

  4. Anonymous

    Lol here at the amount of typos wee sad dickie has in his latest childish rant about the blog, but then again maybe he types in pigeon english, but perhaps i'm expecting to much from someone who once asked in a cast "if moonshine was legal or not"….. now did you get all that dickie?

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