NorthernMonkey: I’m 25

You know what makes these guy’s so funny, it’s the way they tell you lies, then forget what they have said day’s later and drop themselves right in it.

Dicky’s still trying to tell people he’s 25 lol, even though he knows i know his address, his telephone number, who he lives with and of course…his age. But he still continues to argue the toss 🙂

So he’s 25 eh? Now that would mean he was born around 1989’ish, yet when he’s in casts, he always tells people his favourite music is the 90’s. Now either he’s got a very good memory of being like between the ages of 2 and 10, or like i know he is, he was born about ten years earlier, which would make him a teen in that decade, and i’m sure we can all remember what great songs were out in our teens.

Anyway, back over to you Dicky, when you cock up again, just remember, we will be watching 😉

2 Thoughts to “NorthernMonkey: I’m 25”

  1. Anonymous

    All i can say is if wee dicky is only 25 (lol) what a hard life he must have had up to now……ugly, boring, conniving, creepy, fidgety, aye but 25 hahahahaha.

  2. He doesn't even look mid twenties though, if he did you could half understand him trying the blag.

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