Shez Jackson: At Least I Had The Balls To Try

After his last cast and it’s shenanigans, Shez and Dicky seem to be under the impression that they were willing to apologise for their past and make friends again, like you used to do when you was about 13 and fell out with your mates over who won the football match or something.

Now i’ve gone over and over the video of his cast and not once has he or Dicky even admitted what they have done, never mind apologised for any of it. All he keeps repeating is ‘ lets just forget it all’
Hmm, ok, lets take a closer look at the situation here. First off, we’ll have some ‘evidence’ of Shez and Dick saying just such thing, because we all know now that Shez wants ‘evidence’



Ok, just what did he do that took guts? Did he want to just ‘forget it all’ when his friends and him were:

1 – Repeatedly sending password reset requests like 60 -70 times an night to Boo, Griff, Neal, Angie and Soultrain?
2 – Sending email after email to Miss Scruffy over a picture that was obvious to anyone except them, that it was a tongue in cheek photo to get us banned from Vaughn?
3 – Using Soultrain_ account on Vaughn to go in peoples casts to cause trouble, in the hope of getting him banned?
4 – Using Boo’s children’s names and my daughters names as usernames on Vaughn?
5 – John giving out addresses, then them actually registering an account using those addresses?
6 – Hounding Andy off Vaughn and then Uvlog?
7 – Having their Youtube channel closed down for posting offensive video’s?
8 –  Watching Soutrains casts in the hope he was going to drop dead after a heart scare?
9 – Abusing Shazjb just because she was friends with Andy?
10 – Banning anybody that did nothing more than talk to us, or come in our channels?

Or did this ‘lets just forget it all’ idea suddenly come to light now they are realising that they made a huge fook up and that the blog and myself are going nowhere, and they can’t censor peoples real views of them 😉

So to sum it up, Dickster was correct…nope, it’s not going to stop or close.

Tally ho chaps 😉

3 Thoughts to “Shez Jackson: At Least I Had The Balls To Try”

  1. Exactly not once have they said sorry, or admitted anything they have done, pretending they are decent guys who have done nothing wrong.
    Some people have very short memories, i don't actually hate any of the UK Invasion, i just dont forgive or forget that easily.

  2. same here odd sock, the invasion crew took it upon themselves to ban people that were in soultrains casts. they also got scotty banning people that were watching the cast signed in. some people signed in never spoke any words about the invasion crew or any of their casters yet scotty was casting and they were telling him everyone in soultrains cast were bad and he banned everyone in his room. just shows the paranoia against the people who did not say any wrong against them. let the invasion lot hate as they do including all their new viewers like calival who also bans people now for nothing. she also bullshits about the innocent ones in other rooms when she thinks they aren't there. it has gone on too long all this arguing amongst them and it will be very difficult for the ones they hurt in the past and unfriended / banned for nothing to forgive what they all have done. they dont deserve any followers for how they have treated others. even the people in the U S know what they are like and steer clear from them. apart from the odd america person.

  3. Anonymous

    Totally agree with all the comments above, i couldn't have worded it any better myself, nice one guys, lets see how the fuggrs try to worm their way out of this, i'm geussing the silence will be deafening.

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