VaughnLive: How it all began.

Mark posted some clips from the launch of Vaughnlive on his Facebook page a week or so back, and wow, what a difference. I wasn’t around for the launch as we all hung out on JTV (when it was half good) so couldn’t remember the layout.

But all those that still whinge about VL being in Beta, have a look at these screenshots and you can see how much it’s changed.

Ok, who was Mikethemovieguy and how come it say’s he’s the owner? I always thought Mark owned it from the start? Look at the chat back then though, wow, that would strain your eyes lol.

Well the chat certainly looks better in this picture, but Seedlesswatermelon? Was Mark on a 24/7 troll in the early days? Still, look at the layout then and now, things have definitely improved 🙂

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