CKA Ryan: The New Borefest?

Just when we got rid of the tedious Enema_within, thicko seems to be trying to take his place in boring us all to death.

For those that don’t venture over to Uvlog, Mark is promising a new look website soon. Whether this will make any difference to it’s lack of casters/viewers i doubt to be honest. But at least he’s trying and a lot of the guy’s over there are looking forward to any info regarding the new look, new features etc.

So, somebody makes a post on the new site, and then thicko decides to try and keep his name out there, by hijacking it (no pun intended) with a load of typical meaningless guff.

You can tell this guy idolises Tom and is desperate to be his best friend, but all you have to do is watch a cast when they are both in the the same room, and you can tell Tom just see’s him as an annoying fuckwit, it’s hilarious.

One Thought to “CKA Ryan: The New Borefest?”

  1. It would not surprise me if Ryans other hobbies are Train spotting and stamp collecting

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