CKA Ryan Sells Out Mark Scott

This just shows what a worthless piece of trash this guy is. For months he’s been demanding this and demanding that from Mark who owns Uvlog and 99% of everything he’s asked for, Mark has done. So a bit of loyalty would be the least you would expect in return.

But this is Ryan, Dover’s dicktard remember, so i suppose we shouldn’t be shocked that he’s now telling people to move to a different site.

I know Mark reads this blog, so Mark, next time this Eminem wannabe starts mithering you to make adjustments for him, remember those big cliffs near him and tell him to take a good run up 🙂

One Thought to “CKA Ryan Sells Out Mark Scott”

  1. Anonymous

    Shocking i'm guessing that the word loyalty don't exist in ryan's vocabulary, but then again what else should we expect from this low life.

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