Happy Birthday Wintard

Boy, did i get a shock last night. Having only ever seen her in RealmanPwns room and hardly ever talking, i always assumed Wintard was a similar kind of woman and age to Luv1 and MichelleStacy etc.

Like i do with most of the women on Vaughn, i flirt like fook with them when i’m there as a guest, it’s just a bit of harmless fun and banter, but man, when i was channel hopping last night and came across Winnie live, i think it’s fair to say, the old ticker nearly gave way again lol.

Wow, does she look young. I thought i had been flirting with a school kid when i first saw her, thank god she’s older than she looks. She’s beautiful looking though, so i can soon see all the younger guys like Irelands Patriot etc soon sniffing round this girl 🙂



Update: Didn’t take long for NorthernMonkey to go and perv over her did it 😉

He’s sooooooo butthurt isn’t he lol. The best of it was, she just turned round and said ‘821, i don’t give a fuck’…. Dicky got told straight again 🙂






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