DJMute8 Rebels Against The Nazi’s

What people need to remember is that when you go live and cast, you are giving up your free time, and you are not getting paid for it, so it’s basically just a bit of fun. Well, unless you are DJ Orale, and you have an ego as big as Shez Jackson’s.

He runs LethaDoseRadio not to pass his spare time, no, he runs it hoping it will be an internet sensation, allowing him to be able to brag about how this super cool dude runs this world famous broadcasting channel.

Having already lost Wu_Tang due to their inability to organise anything, they will soon be losing another caster if they carry on with this attitude.

We join it as DjMute8 signs in after missing his cast:

Notice how he say’s hello, then says sorry and explains why he wasn’t on. Straight away, the middle aged beach whale PreciousP opens her stinky ass mouth.

I’m liking this Mute8 already, you can see he’s not going to be treated like some little kid and is standing up to the big fat witch 🙂

Seriously, if this jerk ever spoke to me like that, i would destroy him till he left the internet. Mute8 is buzzing that he’s got these gigs lined up, and they just come out with sarcastic, patronising comments like he’s some naughty school kid who’s turned up late for class.

Yeah, you tell them bro…..idiots.

Oh dear, Orale actually started to sound like a decent person for a split second, but oh no, he has to revert back to the sarcastic comments.

Remember what i was saying about his ego and wanting everyone to think these dudes are gods gift to broadcasting?

So lets take a look at just how big this ‘family’ is compared to the ‘small shit’

Yeah, massive!! So big that the only people that are in your channel are the dj’s and CaliVal.

Oh don’t forget, keep those job vacancies adverts running big man 😉

3 Thoughts to “DJMute8 Rebels Against The Nazi’s”

  1. wtf, they guy cast for free, and they speak to him like that.

  2. Anonymous

    Who the fk do they think they are, talk about delusions of grandeur, i shudder to think what these cretins would be like if they were ever in a situation which gave them real power, and authority over people, oh and if i was djmute8 i would have told the LDR twats to go ram it right up their fuggn rectums.

  3. I know, the lad has to go to a meeting about getting some work, paid work, and talk down to him like he's cost them money or something. These lot are bigger idiots than the UK Invasion.

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