Paranormal Activity 6:

While watching back a cast i had recorded of Menellie last week, one thing struck me that i hadn’t noticed the first time round.

When Nellie leaves his kitchen and makes his way down the hallway, it goes proper dark, and if you look closely over Nellie’s right shoulder, you can see what looks like the figure of a lady in the background.

I don’t believe in ghosts, but if you are a believer, take a look and you decide what you think it is.






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3 Thoughts to “Paranormal Activity 6:”

  1. Fuck that thing at the end of the video really shit me up. I was looking for the image of a lady, then the figure thing just pops on the screen. i'm gonna have nightmares for months now.

  2. Anonymous

    What Jack, get your glasses on sir, that was a old lady at the end, lol.

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