MichelleStacey And Her 1K Shoes

I know a lot of people don’t like her but i don’t go with the flow, i like to watch people and make up my own mind about them, take RealmanPwns for instance, i love that dude, yet lots of other people can’t stand him. Anyway, lets take a closer look at just who MS is:

A grand for 1 pair of shoes? wtf.
Isn’t MichelleStacey like always online? When do they go to these parties?
Ah great, so she’s what we in the UK call a bailiff. So when you are in debt and struggling to feed your family, along comes MS to take away your goods, sell them and buy herself a pair of 1k shoes with it, classy.
And if that isn’t bad enough, she will also come and clean your brains and guts up after you have been gunned down by the local drug cartel.
What a lady.

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  1. Cocktail parties for bailiffs, Dodgey people them Bailiffs

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