PreciousP: The Female Hitler?

This woman has got to be one of the most cretinous imbeciles alive. She swears down she’s some gangster or something, always babbling on about nobody messes with her ‘ LDR fam’ etc. As if that wasn’t bad enough, now’s she’s dictating what the dj’s on there can play in each show.

So here you have her telling Larry, who probably knows more about music than this thick lump knows about life, he’s not to play any rap because it’s Monday! I would tell the fat retard where to stick her mellowmatic Monday’s if i worked on there.

It’s no wonder they are begging for casters:

Good luck with that guy’s. I mean you could half respect her if she knew what she was talking about, but look what the great big oaf comes out with when somebody ask’s her about broadcasting a  live event.

Thick as pig shit, and looks like one too. Ladies and Gents, here you have the retard more commonly knows as PreciousP:

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