RealmanPwns: Day Four Of No Alcohol

Can’t believe Realman is attempting to go 60 day’s with no alcohol at all, but yep, it’s true.

Well, here we are, day 4 and the great man is still seeming fine. I would normally call bullshit if it was anyone else, and say they had been sneaking some Vodka in when not online, but for all people say about RM, he’s honest.

I really hope he does manage the 60 days, but that’s some time to go when you are used to rounds everyday. Either way, Realman is just that…real and i would rather watch someone that’s genuine than full of fantasies and deluded.

Also, any dude that can be trolled 24/7 and still stay as cool as he does, deserves some respect.

One Thought to “RealmanPwns: Day Four Of No Alcohol”

  1. good luck realman, hope it go's ok

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