Shez Jackson’s Number 1 Fan

Being a modern day superstar and internet dance sensation is a life that most of us can only dream off. But good old Shezzer, after years of hard work, practice, and thousands of pounds in hard earned cash spent, Shezzer is, living that dream.

From all the sexy girls, like Val, that lust after him on a daily basis, to the more ‘ adventurous’ fans that bombard his letterbox with stained panties and x-rated selfies, being so popular will always bring out those that are willing to take things that one bit further:

I’m sooooo glad i’m anonymous when it comes to the legions of sex crazed ‘fans’ out there.

Just be careful Shez when you’re next on stage in Vegas, and you need to powder your nose, these pesky fans will follow you everywhere.

2 Thoughts to “Shez Jackson’s Number 1 Fan”

  1. Anonymous

    For a moment i thought L96bolt said, "checking his stools everyday", as for shez playing in Vegas i can only assume they're talking about the gaming machines….surely.

  2. I think that's what they meant lol. The price of fame eh.

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