Battle Of The Sexes Anyone?

It was that time again, a Tuesday evening, the one night that LethalDoseRadio gets any viewers. Or should that be used to get viewers.

lethaldoseradio dead

lethaldoseradio dead 2

Whoops,  this should be easy, there is only Val in the room that’s female and she’s about as smart as a bag of rocks.

Although Oracle is looking mighty pissed there, so think we might have to abandon this weeks musical trivia.

dj orale mad 1

Even larry jumps ship

Even Larry jumps ship. He literally asked Precious to do a recast for him then logged out 2 seconds later lol.

Ok, so Oracle is pissed, Larry doesn’t want to play to just Val and the cookie munching gorp, so surely one of the other dj’s will take over right?

nobody wants to cast on ldr

Nope, appears not.

280 followers and only Val and Precious can be arsed to turn up.

You’re right Oracle, you are MASSIVE

2 Thoughts to “Battle Of The Sexes Anyone?”

  1. A-Z of accounts

    280 Followers and how many of them are Val and her false Accounts.

  2. DaveTheRave

    Well i guess it’s a no shaoooow from the LDR fam, pmsl.

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