Chillin With TunesFm

It’s a quiet Monday evening on Vaughn, no FoxmanShawn22, no Irelands Patriot, no Bishh (sigh) so i decided we would pop in and say hi to Craig.

I like this guys attitude to life, nothing fazes him, even the trolls take off after 15 minutes of trying to get him to react. Plus he drinks proper beer, not all these girly drinks like Fosters and Carlsberg etc.

As you can see, he’s moved his webcam around and it looks better i think, more studio looking now. Not sure about that quilt cover though..

One Thought to “Chillin With TunesFm”

  1. Craig's a good guy, hes got a bit of a temper when people try to go after him, but other than that I like him a lot and he does a good show. He should have more viewers but he's being unfairly shunned by Andy from TwilightFM and his cronies

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