LDR: Job Vacancies Available

Anybody that’s out of work and is competent with computers, get yourself over LethalDoseRadio.

Not dj work, although they are in dire need of them, but more in the graphics department. If you are capable of using MS Paint, or Photoshop, or any image editor for that matter, there will be a full time vacancy going.

Not hard work, just be available 24/7 for when the next caster deserts the sinking ship and they have to re-design the dj line up.

So first it was Wu_Tang who jumped, then we had a new image done, obviously minus Wu_Tang.
Now if you notice, Ben, Chillin In Miami has took off, and with it, a new image had to be edited.

Ben said he left down to ‘personal’ reasons… which probably translates to couldn’t stand Shez lol.

Anyway, if you can edit images and are online often, i’m sure your services will be needed next time someone else sees sense. I mean, come on, this channel is dying a slow painful death, even the introduction of a proper dj in Abstract couldn’t give this channel the kiss of life it desperately needs.

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