MichelleStacey: Jelly Belly

Ever since she saw her arse with RealmanPwns and stormed off in a huff, she’s been desperately trying to get back the attention she had in RM’s room. From always being in SexyChris’ channel, then she moved in on LDR till she noticed that was going nowhere, now she just hops from channel to channel, hoping to grab all the attention that she craves.

What’s really annoying her now though is RM’s successful diet. The fact that he’s given up alcohol and is losing so much weight, while she just gets bigger, is really getting on her t*ts now.


Talk about being jealous lol, she is trying to make any excuse as to why Realman isn’t failing like she hopes.



4 Thoughts to “MichelleStacey: Jelly Belly”

  1. Realman has done really well on his diet and you can see a big difference all ready, takes big determination and will power to do what he has done, and he will feel so much better for it. well done Realman

  2. This woman is nothing but a sad loser who hates her life. She could do something about it, shut off her computer and go enjoy life etc – but no, she wants to just sit online and put other people down all day long just to make herself feel better.

  3. I agree. I never really used to go into peoples channels before the blog, so i had no idea who most people were. But even back then, people used to come in and say what a bitch she was etc. Now having watched her for a year or so, i can see for myself what a nasty piece of work she is.

  4. Realmans is doing wonderful, All praise for the bloke, He is looking better for losing the weight, Just shows what a jealous cow michellestacy is.

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