New Controversy On The VaughnLive

Mark decided that he’s had enough of people complaining about guest chat, and as a result, made some changes to the control that staff would now have over broadcasters rooms.

Well, hasn’t this caused a storm lol. Now, in one way, i can understand them wanting control over certain things that are said in channels, but surely it’s only fair if they either take away guest chat from everyone, or leave it available to all?

I mean, you can just see it now, everybody will be targeting rooms in which they have a problem with the caster, and posting loads of vile messages as guests, screencapping it, then sending it in to Miss Scruffy to make them lose their guest chat.

This is going to cause so many problems on every level. Miss Scruffy’s email box is going to be getting bombarded with shitloads of pointless screencaps and reports, Mod’s of channels are going to be constantly banning, even if the caster doesn’t get offended, and everyone will be confused as to what they can allow and what they cant.

Similar to the not being allowed to let somebody in your channel if they are banned from Vaughn. Who can honestly say that they know of every single person who is banned on Vaughn? Then you have the issue of people who were banned, but have since been allowed back?

How on earth is a caster supposed to be able to keep up with all that, plus the new rule of not allowing certain words from guests?

Now i have always loved Vaughn, i think it’s by far the best social broadcasting site out there, but i honestly think that these ‘new’ rules are going to kill it and send lots over to other sites 🙁

Another thing that has suddenly been happening, is the toying with a casters position on the top bar. I have never been a fan of that thing in the first place, i’ve seen it change people from being nice guy’s, to nasty, egotistical power freaks, obsessed with being the ‘top’ caster, and hating on anyone who takes their so called ‘spot’

But if you are going to have it, at least let it be an honest and true reflection of that channels popularity. Knocking a caster to the back just because you don’t like them is just childish and silly in my opinion. A perfect example was Shawnio’s cast last night. He had up to 80+ people in his room, the chat was constantly moving, yet look where they shoved him.


Behind LDR, who had 7 people in their channel and hardly anyone posting????

I will be gutted if Vaughn ends up losing a lot of it’s broadcasters through personal dislikes and crazy, unmanageable new rules.

So come on Mark and Miss Scruffy, let the VaughnLive live a long and prosperous life and keep it the number one home for us all.

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  1. How long will it be before Ryan asks for this to be added to Uvlog? (The guest thing, not the comments)

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