CraigTube: I Froze My Hamster

Just before we go any further, i need to explain, this wasn’t an act of cruelty, just in case people start hating on Craig. He was explaining about a hamster he had years ago and how it became seriously ill.

What the vet advised him to do next was a shock to me.


I’m not convinced straight in the freezer would of been the right thing, maybe the fridge first to get it to hibernate. But i’m no vet and Craig was doing what he thought was best, so fair play to him for that.







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One Thought to “CraigTube: I Froze My Hamster”

  1. Oddsocks

    Tough decision to make, , but he cared enough so to phone the vets, instead of just leaving the hamster to suffer. like you say Fair play he was acting on advice.

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