Educating CKA Ryan About The Internet Pt 1

You would think by now that this gormless fool would of learnt a little more about how Websites and Terms and Conditions work. But alas, he’s still as slow as a square wheeled bicycle.

Remember when Dicky installed a DMCA certificate on Ivlog lol, well thicko hasn’t learnt from Dicky’s mistake, in fact, he’s also gone and done the same thing, this time on Just-Cast.

ryan dmca notice on just cast

Now you have probably seen one on all the pages of this blog. I’ll explain what a DMCA is. It’s like a copyright protection certificate and will allow you to send a takedown notice to any websites that are using your unique content on their  site.  It’s a great free service, if you have any clue what it’s about.

This is where thicko comes into it. Like Dicky, he has placed it on his channel, which is hosted on So what is wrote, shown or produced on that channel belongs to the owner/s of Just- Cast, not the actual person/s who is/are broadcasting.

Here is what the Terms and Conditions are for broadcasting on Just-Cast:

just-cast usage

So there it is, Ryan has agreed to this condition when he signed up and it clearly states that anyone can record and do whatever they want with it, i.e, post it on sites like this 🙂

Just like Dickster, he obviously hasn’t read the T&C ‘s and is thinking that he will be able to order a website, like us, to take down any pictures or recording of his cast.

Good luck with that Ryan lol. Although, whoever is running this site isn’t much smarter either. First of all there is this.

just-cast registered users

Yes, we all make spelling mistakes now and then, but then usually correct them once noticed. This has been like that for weeks.

Then there was this gem, also taken from the site’s T&C’s

just-cast over 14

Firstly, they cannot  see your mac address, only your IP. Secondly, can you imagine these guys taking you to court for evading a ban?

The judge would laugh his tits off if they wasted his time claiming they banned somebody and they re-registered. That is the sole responsibility of the site owner/admin to maintain, not the courts lol.

It’s all a bit like the blind leading the blind.

3 Thoughts to “Educating CKA Ryan About The Internet Pt 1”

  1. Ryan Hi-Fi

    Well, justcast IS run by a moron by the name of Steve Swetman who’s dumb as bricks, I used to laugh at his spelling mistakes on Stickam constantly….it’s hilarious it’s like thickheaded chav central over there….

  2. Giggles

    Hahaha There be telling you the only way a banned caster can come back is 5000 lines. I must not break the Rules,
    and as for CKA Ryan think he’s been watching them seagulls at Dover to long.

  3. It really is poor over there. I remember seeing someone post on a blog that he was going to hack it and show how easy it was. Like everyone else, i just thought ‘here we go, another script kiddy’ then 5 minutes later, he said go have a look at the homepage. True to his word, it was hacked and defaced.

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