LDR Is CaliVal (literally)

I’m starting to worry about the mental health of this girl, if of course, it it a girl? I know most people have troll accounts as well as their original username, but most people will have like 2 or 3.

Val has that many, she must have to have a notepad next to her laptop, just to keep all the usernames she’s created in.

I don’t usually go over to LDR anymore, but Tuesday nights are the only time you will get a few people in. So just to be nosey, off we went for a peek.

Now this made me giggle, check how many usernames Val is logged in under…she’s bonkers lol

Val as everyone in ldr

A minimum of  SIX on that list are Val. I’m pretty much sure that DoraDaXplora and Tanning_Chatum are her too from what i could remember, but wasn’t 100%.

The Chick_O_Stick account i hadn’t seen before, but it didn’t take too long before she gave the game away with that one.

Val as Chick_o_stick

Does anyone honestly still believe that this person is that hot looking girl that was used for the original CaliVal account?

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  1. Socks

    Oh dear me, that is very weird

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