Have You Got Any Spare Change?

Like, a spare 5 thousand, or could you make that 10, i forgot, i need a new pair of glasses.

Sound familiar? To those who are still no wiser, we are talking about Vaughnlive’s biggest leech _PBJ_

This woman has no shame whatsoever, in fact, it’s just downright embarrassing. Not only did she fleece poor Holly for about 4k to supposedly pay off her credit cards, she’s still trying to drain every last penny out of the woman.

So far, Holly has paid off her credit cards for her, gave her another 1k for an imaginary brace, because believe it or not… _PBJ_ reckons that the gaps in her teeth make her depressed and low on self esteem…

You couldn’t make this shit up, but now, apparently she’s been asking for some more cash if you take a look¬†here

Personally, i think Holly is either a) Totally insane or b) a multimillionaire, but either way, when somebody has been good enough to give you thousands of pounds to help you out, only low life vermin would take advantage and abuse it like she has.

I mean, is there anything nice about _PBJ_ at all?


She reminds me of Amanda Knox with those eyes.

One Thought to “Have You Got Any Spare Change?”

  1. DaveTheRave

    As i always say if you can afford being on the internet you shouldn’t be on it poncing people for their hard earned.

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