JimmyRizzo Get’s Featured, Then Comes Roco

Good old aye aye cherry pie himself was featured last night, which considering he was complaining about nobody coming in his cast only a couple of weeks ago, is quite impressive. I think at one stage he had something like 67-68 viewers, then Roco entered….

Jimmy Rizzo gets featured

As per, Roco modded = everyone banned or muted.

It took around 1.5 seconds for his presence to be felt.

Roco muting everyone in Jimmy Rizzo's

Isn’t it time for this old fool to go playing bowls or something?

One Thought to “JimmyRizzo Get’s Featured, Then Comes Roco”

  1. DaveTheRave

    Roco spitting the dummy as usual,i have lost count of the amount of times i’ve seen him ruin other peoples cast with his childish tantrums,yet he still has people who want to kiss his arse,strange indeed.

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