Just Cast Running Out Of Funds Already?

3 Thoughts to “Just Cast Running Out Of Funds Already?”

  1. JoeJordan

    Now, if they threw in a BLUE Peter badge i might have been tempted.

  2. steve

    we do this each month as an offer not because were short on funds we just want to make happy users i admire ya blog and read them daily but before you do say nasty things please understand were trying to grow and making low cost vip offers we like to do that instead of seasonal competitions email me [email protected] if you want to find out more instead of writting all the time about us man

  3. Welcome to the blog. As a blog that is based on Social Broadcasting, it is our job to write about what we see. We like to think we are a fair blog, we compliment people when deserved, we enjoy the laughs with casters and we also post about some of Social Broadcaster’s biggest idiots, like NorthernMonkey and Commonly Known As Ryan etc.

    Free speech is our number 1 priority here and nobody will ever be banned or censored, only spammers, for obvious reasons.

    Feel free to post to any subjects you wish and we hope you enjoy your stay.


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