IP: Ive Only Had 2 Drinks

We’ve all done it, denying you are drunk till you are blue in the face, even though your facial features give it away instantly. Irelands Patriot was adamant he wasn’t drunk the other night, despite his eyes drooping like a 80yr old pair of breasts.

Irelands Patriot pissed 1

Irelands Patriot pissed 2

Irelands Patriot pissed 3

Irelands Patriot 4

Yeah, sure you have IP 🙂

2 Thoughts to “IP: Ive Only Had 2 Drinks”

  1. DaveTheRave

    That’s the same line i give the mrs when i come back from the pub half pissed.

  2. Oddsocks

    lol He’s probally had two crates by the look of his eyes.

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