Mark Takes The Rap

Personally, i can’t understand why so many people hate on Mark Vaughn? I know Miss Scruffy can be a little unpredictable at times, but she’s a woman, all women are like that now and then. Where as Mark on the other hand, always seems to be laid back and chilled from what i have ever seen.

Now i don’t know exactly what caused this banning or who the banned caster was, i only saw the post that was made regarding it. But to be fair, he could of just let the staff member take the rap for it and nobody would of known any better. But he had the decency to come out and hold his hands up and explain, and apologise for what happened.

Mark explains ban

Also,  give credit where it’s due, Miss Scruffy also apologised in the comments below and explained as community manager, she should of updated the staff member about the change in rules.

When you also add the fact that they always give casters another chance, sometimes more than once, i really do think people should take a good hard look at why they have a problem with the Vaughns, because if you can’t follow the rules after being banned and then let back on, then the problem is closer to home, not with Mark or Scruffy.

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