NorthernMonkey: Missing Since 7th July 2014

Ever since YouTube rejected his 2nd attempt at crying and begging for the singing video to be taken down, it seems he’s done a runner. I haven’t seen him around Vaughn anywhere, or Just-Cast.

I even checked over at Ivlog, where he still pays for his channel and even they haven’t seen him for a week.

Dicky abandons ivlog

It looks like poor Dickster’s ego has taken one last fatal blow. He has been on here since we moved to our own server, but that was just to check if his video was still up lol.

So has he finally realised he has no control over anything we publish, and gone back to his flowery bedroom with his tail between his legs?

Or is he spending all his time having Skype sex with his 500 pound internet girlfriend (puke)

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