The Mask Suicide Face Off

It takes a lot to shock me on Vaughn these days, i feel like a hardened journalist, never fazed by whatever it throws at me, but last night was as barmy as you can get.

In one channel, you had crank number 1, aka EvilMJ, looking like he’s within seconds of  dying from asphyxiation.

evil mj

While in his room, you had crank number 2 , Billy, aka Grimreaper, looking just as daft, but at least giving the impression he might last the next 10 minutes.


Apparently, they were having a challenge as to who could keep the mask on the longest without dropping dead.

They had been at it for nearly 5 hours when i left, so i don’t know who won, or if they survived even?

I had to get out, EvilMJ was seriously struggling for breath, so much so, his eyes were rolling, and there was no way i wanted to watch this dude drop dead live on cam.

I have no idea what started this ‘feud’ between them, but it’s not going to end well if they up the ante from last night.


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