Has Ryderbak Finally Grown Up?

Anyone who’s watched Simon over the years, from Blogtv to VaughnLive, will know that he usually gets himself banned from every site going, usually due to his ‘infamous’ cock windmill.

But since Miss Scruffy unbanned him this latest time, and he’s got his stream key back, he’s like a new man. No more angry, rage filled young man, in fact, he’s actually become quite nice.

I’ve been lurking in a lot of his casts lately, just waiting for him to implode and get his manhood out, or hate rage on somebody so bad, he gets slung off the site again.

But this seems a new, softer, even caring Ryderbak, and i’m rapidly starting to change my opinion of the ‘rogue’ of cam sites. I mean, would the Ryderbak of 18 months ago come out with something like this?


Ryderbak 2

Lets hope the 2014 Ryderbak is here to stay.

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