UKM Speak, RealmanPwns Listens

Only a few hours ago i was saying that RealmanPwns was looking good on his juice diet, but needed to get rid of or at least trim that beard.

Well , the big man has, and is looking a hell of a lot better.

realman 1

realman 2

Screenshot from 2014-07-19 22:51:45

Screenshot from 2014-07-19 22:52:08

I’m really happy for RM, he’s not everybody’s flavour, but i think he’s great.

Long live the Pwns.

Disclaimer: Realman probably didn’t listen to us and most likely shaved that off hours ago:

One Thought to “UKM Speak, RealmanPwns Listens”

  1. Oddsocks

    Well done realman on your weight loss, theres a big difference, and you can definetly see it. keep up the good work. liked the bike vid on youtube.

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