SexyChrisWhile26 Is/Was Back

Not seen Chris around for a long time, but the former number one caster was back today…for about 30 minutes.

sexychris is back

sexychris in hospital

If you weren’t watching, you’re probably thinking ‘that doesn’t look like Chris’ bedroom’ well, that’s because it’s not, he’s been in hospital for the last 7 weeks.

sexychris in hospital 2

sexychris in hospital 3

For those who are wondering why he’s in hospital, he’s not physically ill, but had like a breakdown, which resulted in him self harming. I’ve had pictures of this for a while but didn’t want to post them because i like Chris and didn’t want the trolls hammering him. But now he’s made them public himself, we might as well show you a couple.

sexychris shows scars in hospital


This is so sad to see. Ok, he might get legless and act the fool on cam, but i genuinely believe there’s not a single bad bone in his body. But due to his mental problems, he trusts everybody, even people who he has never seen or spoke to before. You’ve all seen him Mod people as soon as they enter his cast, he just wants to be accepted and will take everyone at their word.

Which, in my opinion, is why he  took being ‘grassed’ up to the social badly. It really hit home then, that people who he thought he could trust, will stab him in the back as quick as you can say hello.

There are rumours on who did ‘snitch’ on him, but that is all they are, so i’m not going to name anyone, but you know who you are, and i hope you can still sleep at night, knowing what you have done to this vulnerable guy!

Anyway, one minute he’s asking for requests, then i went for pee, come back, and this.

sexychris banned

Apparently, he stripped off and was nude. Now remember, this guy is in a Psychiatric hospital, and has been for the last 7 weeks. He’s probably doped up to heaven on all sorts of shit, so erratic behaviour is expected.

I’m not saying he should of been allowed to still cast at that time, but there is no way on this earth that anybody would of had chance to screencap it, email it to Miss Scruffy, her take a look at it, then close his channel. So somebody was obviously lurking, even though this is always denied by staff?

The main thing though, is get well soon Chris and hopefully he will get his channel back once he is home and  back to the Chris we all love.

2 Thoughts to “SexyChrisWhile26 Is/Was Back”

  1. Get well soon Chris

    Yes i seen what happened and why they would of closed his cast, now this happened very quick, from the actual event, to the channel being closed was probs 30 secs if that, so some one supposedly screen capped then reported and then Miss scruffy or Staff looked at this within roughly 30 secs Ummmmm ok….. Well i hope you get better soon Chris all the best to you.

  2. who cares

    It was menellie who did it. He was jealous that his friend chris was getting more viewers. Menellie also diesnt work but unlike chris nellie does NOT have mental illness and is fit to work. I heard him cam up once saying he had to look ill so he would continue getting welfare. Nellie is scum

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