Bishh Pwns Joe Walsh

Bishh claimed another stream key on Vaughn earlier today. This time the testosterone filled victim was the infamous’unbanned all’ Joe Walsh, which is ironic, seeing as he ended up banned from casting for 24 hours.

Basically Joe had Bishh on Skype and along with most of his viewers, was encouraging her to strip off and show her tits etc. Despite warning after warning that any nudity on his cast will result in him being banned, the hormones took over and of course, Kayla duly obliged.

You have to remember, victims of sexual abuse, especially as a child, grow up to be some of the most street wise people around, so while all the blokes, Joe included, were thinking they were using her, she was happy to go along, knowing his stream key would be taken.

What shocked me afterwards though, was the pure hypocrisy of the same people that were willing her on and encouraging her to strip naked, were suddenly calling her, saying she’s trash for getting Joe banned.

You couldn’t make this up lol

bishh gets joe banned 1

Bishh gets joe banned 2

A bit more common sense here. Joe Walsh know what would happen, he could of stopped the Skype call, or took the call off the screen, but no, he wanted Bishh to undress.

Bishh gets joe banned 3

Bishh gets joe banned 4

How anybody can blame Kayla or Miss Scruffy for this, is an idiot. He was warned at least 3 times just while i was there, but carried on and Bishh is quite happy for men who are basically abusing a troubled girl, to lose their channel.

Bishh gets joe banned 5

Yeah that’s right, ban Bishh because a load of sex starved pervy men wanted her to strip, and she did , great logic.

Nobody loves to see a good looking woman drop them more than me, but to abuse somebody who has only felt any kind of ‘love’ by taking her clothes off, is just ignorant and sad.

So well done Miss Scruffy, lets hope she takes down the next channel to abuse the Bishh.


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