NorthernMonkey: Humiliated And Defeated

After god knows how long of him telling everybody he was going to destroy me on Skype, and being under this illusion that i am scared of him (lol) we finally get to have a chat on Vaughn,

It all starts of in TunesFM’s cast, i was there lurking when this popped up.

Dicky v ukm 1

This started a topic of who is Richard Swann, and once Craig and everyone else in the room explained it was NorthernMonkey and he’s a dick etc, Dicky goes and lets everyone know he’s in there lurking.

Dicky v UKM 2

As soon as i saw that, i knew he was in there, for the simple fact nobody else praises him. So i decided to ask him to sign in, knowing that he would get mad, really mad 🙂

Dicky v ukm 3

This came about after he said it was my birthday next week. This was on the 1st. He even admits my birthday is on the 18th and proceeds to claim i’m the tool lol.

Dicky v ukm 6

Now realising he’s made a fool of himself, he starts to get all irate and agitated, this is where the fun begins 🙂

Dicky v ukm 5

Dicky v ukm 7

Dicky v ukm 8

Now that it’s sinking in that people are just laughing at him, he starts to come up with some bizarre stories lol.

Dicky v ukm 9

Dicky v ukm 10

Dicky v ukm 11

Dicky v ukm 12

Dicky v ukm 13

Already he’s contradicting himself. a few posts back he says he doesn’t have any video’s of me, now he has a few? lol, keep up Dicky.

Dicky v ukm 14

Dicky v ukm 15

Dicky v ukm 16

Dicky v ukm 17

Dicky v ukm 18

Dicky v ukm 19

Dicky v ukm 20

This is the easiest way to get Dicky mad, ask him how he supports himself financially. He wont answer because he know’s if he say’s he working, it could be capped and sent to the benefits agency, and he wont admit he’s claiming disability benefits because it messes up his insults. Watch him squirm and do anything to avoid answering the question hehe.

Dicky v ukm 21

Dicky v ukm 22

Dicky v ukm 23

Dicky v ukm 24

Dicky v ukm 25

Dicky v ukm 26

Dicky v ukm 27

Dicky v ukm 28

See how angry he gets when you expose his childhood and being bullied? He reveals more later on.

Dicky v ukm 29

Dicky v ukm 30

And that was that, off he ran again. So yeah Dicky, you destroyed me there like a boss, think i might have to leave the internet now 🙁

7 Thoughts to “NorthernMonkey: Humiliated And Defeated”

  1. Mr Bean

    Wtf was he waffling on about, Monkey you really do not make any sense.

  2. DaveTheRave

    Dicky can’t even play mind games without making a arse of it, first he claims that Soultrain’s friends are filling him in with information on Soultrain so he has no need to make videos of Soultrain, he then changes his fabricated story by saying it’s ONE of Soultrain’s close friends who is feeding him with information, he then changes his story again and says that he has a few videos of Soultrain, and that he should go on you tube and check them out…honestly this guy must be the village idiot.

  3. lol, this is how thick he is, he says he knows all about me and my friends fill him on all my info, yet,

    Thought my ex wife’s name was Dawn when in fact it was joanne.

    Is convinced i’m with Tiscali for my internet.

    Says he knows where i live, yet doesn’t know anymore than the street name, this because John Freestyleradio1 has never been to my flat, he’s only ever met me on the street, hence Dicky only knowing the street name.

    Is convinced one of my dogs is not an Akita, despite the dogs home listing her as one.

    Can’t name a single alias or email address i have other than the ones i use for Facebook and Vaughnlive which is available everywhere anyway.

    Doesn’t know my phone number.

    What a doxer eh, this guy is so talented at doxing i’m surprised Anonymous haven’t brought him on board.

    Dicky, you are a loser, always have been, always will be, js.

  4. Dicky_Loves_Ryan

    So according to Dicky there’s 48 hours in a day, what a tosser.

  5. Joe The Toff

    I thought it kinda strange that when on the subject of bullying the Northern Monkey started to rave about abusive parents and a deprived childhood….self analysis perhaps.

  6. Ryan

    You will never get him to admit he’s wrong, because his IQ is so low he doesn’t understand reality. This guy is severely dense. I’m shocked at his arrogance with zero talent or class to back it up.

  7. The differential

    If Dicky the dickster had any brains he would be dangerous, he never answers a genuine question with a correct answer, but another question then does not know what he has answered previously to a question and says i’m not telling. Even thinking there are more than 7 days in a week and 48 hours in a day, I wonder what planet they guy thinks he is on?

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