CKA Ryan Hopes His Tips Revitalise Uvlog

I’ve come to the conclusion that this dude is broken, in fact, so broken, i actually thinks he believe’s the nonsense he come out with. We’ve posted his several ‘ideas’ he has for how the new Uvlog should look, and after continuous fits of laughter, we remembered it’s Ryan, and put those terrible images to the back of our minds.

Only now, he has to remind us, and Mark, of the utter hideous look he ‘designed’

ryan hopes his tips revitalise uvlog

Yeah dude, probably helped Mark decide never to ask the public again lol.  I like Mark, he’s a great guy, probably too great for his own good though. He never wants to upset anyone and is always respectful to anyone who talks to him.

Which is why the UK Muppets love him, whereas Mark Vaughn or Cr3am would tell them to stfu talking rubbish, Mark will be more diplomatic and sort of agree with them.

Which is why it’s even stranger that Ryan casts and advertises Just-Cast rather than Uvlog?

Anyway, now we have had Ryan’s expertise tips on how to run and design a casting website, lets see how much of it is actually Ryan’s tips once it’s launched.

On a separate note, isn’t it ironic what the CKA himself has as his Facebook profile picture….

ryans profile picture

Don’t be mad bro…we can help you with any anger issues you have 🙂

2 Thoughts to “CKA Ryan Hopes His Tips Revitalise Uvlog”

  1. Ryan The Crackpot

    The Dover Dicko giving advice on how to run a website is a bit like Roy Keane giving advice on how to make new friends.

  2. He is a very strange person is that Ryan, and why has he got a picture of someone’s child as his profile picture ?.

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