MusicandAbuse: The Iron Lady Has Arrived

Well trolls, may i introduce you to probably your hardest mission yet, welcome to MusicandAbuse.

MusicandAbuse 1

MusicandAbuse 3

This woman takes no nonsense, in fact, she will probably put most of the bitchy Vaughn casters right in their place, so beware. Her profile is short but to the point, mess her around, and she will destroy you.

MusicandAbuse profile

One of her first victims was Adambro21th, he dared to try and chat her up, without her permission, and boy, did she let him know who was boss.

MusicandAbuse owns adambro 1

MusicandAbuse owns adambro 2

MusicandAbuse owns adambro 3

MusicandAbuse owns adambro 4

I’ve got a feeling this girl is going to be great for VaughnLive,  the trolls will try and try, but this one is not for breaking.

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