We didn’t mean to make you lose 31 videos

But you just had to cry like a baby with a soiled nappy, and go sobbing to YouTube about how you were getting bullied and wanted the video taken down.

channel gone

Nice work lads, now you lost your channel and all 31 video’s, while the one video you thought you were being smart by removing, is now back up on here for good.

I was quite happy for your channel to stay up, but sorry dudes, if you want to play the censorship game there is only going to be one winner 😉

Tally ho!

2 Thoughts to “We didn’t mean to make you lose 31 videos”

  1. The Judge

    Where’s your channel gone,? Where’s your channel gone, ? far far away lolz… cheerio

  2. PMSL

    Oh dear, the girls will be distraught when they find out on here that the big bad blog has got their childish lame You Tube channel taken down…dry your eyes out girls.

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