Ryderbak: Bi-Polar Strikes Again

This guy is literally a case of Jekyll and Hyde. When he’s sober, he’s actually quite a nice bloke, but once he has that one drink too many, he just flips, turning on anyone and everyone. Tonight’s unfortunate victim was his once best friend Ireland’s Patriot.


ip v ryderbak 1

ip v ryderbak 2

ip v ryderbak 3

ip v ryderbak 4

ip v ryderbak 5

ip v ryderbak 6

ip v ryderbak 7

ip v ryderbak 8

ip v ryderbak 9

ip v ryderback 10

ip v ryderbak 11

ip v ryderbak 12

ip v ryderbak 13

ip v ryderbak 14

Not to be put down so easy, IP hits back in his channel with some revelations about Ryderbak that are either damaging, or just said out of anger and frustration.

The funny thing is, those that watch Ryderbak cast, will know that tomorrow will be exactly the same, all over again, Simon nice, Simon gets drunk, Simon goes on a rage.

Never a dull moment on VaughnLive 🙂

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