Q&A Time For Our Tech Mod Friend.

I was watching last night’s staff cast over on Just-Cast, where you had Hampshire Radio, Dixie, Billy (Grimreaper) and our favourite Tech Mod of all time, NorthernMonkey. Within seconds, i couldn’t help but notice how nervous and twitchy Dicky was again, constantly touching his glasses, or his chin, or staring into his webcam, like a confused tit.

Anyway, lets take a closer look at the online staff meeting, then we will put our questions out there for the legend that is…Dicky!


Time for some questions for the hipster Dickster:

1) Why are you sat in complete darkness?

2) Have you found out what audio ‘codacs’ Xsplit uses yet?

3) Are you blood related to Ali G?

4) What age did the nervous tic’s start at?

5) Do you think it’s likely that you will ever have a real girlfriend, not some big dumb oaf who you talk to over the internet?

6) If you do, do you envisage her being less than 450 pounds, and able to speak more than 5 words without needing an oxygen mask?

7) Do you find CKA Ryan’s constant thought’s about sex with animals, dogs in particular, as disturbing as everyone else?

8) How many years do you plan on being 26 for?

9) Do you think the UK Invasion will ever come back, to entertain us guy’s here?

10) Last but not least, that night you went to bed, all happy, then woke to find all 31 of your video’s had been deleted from YouTube, was you mad?

3 Thoughts to “Q&A Time For Our Tech Mod Friend.”

  1. JakeTheSnake

    That guy sitting in the dark looks like one creepy individual, just why is he sitting in the dark, and what is he so nervous about, despite the fact that he is appearing on cam it almost looks as if he is trying to hide from someone……i wonder who that can be?.

  2. Pissin_my_sides

    Ha Ha, Looks like the “Dickster” is sat on a nettle bush, He can’t sit still, Either that or he is bursting for the toilet and can’t leave the cast as the light in the room been turned off by mummy or daddy and he is frightened of the dark.

  3. Hiding from Ya'll

    Looks like rich is riding a bucking bronco

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