Quick Catchup On Some Newbies Pt 1

The influx of ex JTV casters, and some first timers continues on VaughnLive, with some weird and wonderful characters. Here we will introduce a handful of Newbs who have caught our attention this week.


For some reason there seems to be a few shops that are starting to cast live recently.

Here you can watch people getting tattoos or piercings live on cam, courtesy of Inkwell.

inkwell 1

inkwell 2

inkwell 3

This channel could be fun for the more sadistic of us, i’m sure it won’t be long before somebody starts crying like a big girl while getting tattoo’d  🙂

Another shop cam, but probably won’t be anywhere as entertaining, is Caucasic, a live feed from a shop dealing in handbags and boots etc.

Caucasic 1

Now, back to wacky casters, first off we have Aries, who is another person that is confusing the hell out of me regarding age.


Next is a young woman who speaks fluent German and wears the contents of a polar bear on her head.

Welcome to Dedeloveu

Dedeloveu 1

Dedeloveu 2

Dedeloveu 3

And finally, hello to lespace, which if i’m being honest, i have no idea what it’s about yet.


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