Back Pain = Can’t Write

This is the logic of the Internationally known group of retards called the UK Invasion, or the Muppets as we like to acknowledge them as. The hate and the feeling powerless, has destroyed their minds so much, that they can’t see how much they embarrass themselves, even after reading it back.

Dicky mad because i write about him

Hahahaha, they mad, real mad.

They are mad because every single thing they have done to silence us has failed. There are admissions by themselves on here that they used to send in dozens of reports each day to Miss Scruffy in the hope of getting the Soultrain channel closed down = failed.

Then they tried bombarding Google with complaints when we were hosted on Google’s Blogspot = failed.

They even went to the Police in the hope of getting us shut down =  failed.

But this is the best one yet. Despite already contacting the DWP ( which for those outside the UK means the company that pay your benefits, well, mine, Ryan’s and Dicky’s) and getting no luck, they get this great idea to try again, by reporting me for being at home and being able to use the Internet, despite suffering with back problems.

Can you just picture it;

Muppets: ” Hello, is that the fraud hotline”

DWP: Yes, do you have any info on benefit fraud”

Muppets: “Yeah, you see there is this guy who is claiming benefits for having a bad back but we’ve caught him out”

DWP: Great, what was the person doing, working out at the gym? lifting concrete slabs, or running a Marathon”

Muppets: ” Nah, he stays at home all day, sitting down writing a blog about us and making people laugh at us, and it hurts, please make it stop”

DWP: ” Are you retarded”

Muppets: “Please help, please”

DWP:”What is the link to this blog”


DWP: ‘ looks through the blog while chuckling away down the phone’

Muppets:”Don’t laugh..damn you, right that’s it, i’m going to stick a picture of your head on some crappy JibJab video and post it on Google+”

DWP: hangs up the phone, laughing hysterically at the things posted about the muppets

Welcome to the world of the Muppets, Britain’s most gormless bunch of halfwits you’ll ever come across 🙂

3 Thoughts to “Back Pain = Can’t Write”

  1. The Pied Piper

    About the comment has time to write about others, is this not what these Numpties are doing along with there hilarious and very amateur Photoshop and the Jibjab, oh how we all laughed at this in the office.

  2. DaveTheRave

    Honestly, i’m doubled up here, the girls owned once again by the blog.

  3. Kermit The Frog

    I would like to say that i am both deeply offended and angry at this blog continually referring to the UK Invasion as the Muppets. i for one would like to distance myself from the UK Invasion and state that i have never had any association with them, but if the blog continues to name the UK Invasion under the guise of the Muppets i have no choice but to hold the blog accountable and contact my solicitors. best wishes…Kermit The Frog.

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