Manchester Dogs Home: Help Needed

This has nothing to do with social broadcasting, but is something that needs publicising as much as possible. On the 11th September 2014, Manchester dogs home, which was opened in 1893 and has taken in over a million stray dogs in its time, was sadly a victim of an arson attack, destroying large parts of the home and killing 53 dogs ( and still rising) and injuring 150.

Due to the courage of the local fire brigade, staff and even members of the public who ran in and risked their lives, around 150 dogs were thankfully saved. This charity is close to not just my heart, but thousands of people all around Greater Manchester and around the world. This is where i have always adopted all my dogs from and have always taken food, blankets and beds to help with the constant influx of unwanted and abused dogs. I also got to know the staff who worked there and worked endless hours to help rehome these dogs. What they must be going through right now i can’t imagine, these people developed strong bonds with the animals and it will be heartbreaking for everyone concerned.

A boy aged 15 has been arrested and is being questioned still by GMP. For legal reasons that’s all we can say on that matter.

The response from local residents has been amazing, over 200 rushed to the site to help rescue dogs, bringing desperately needed beds, blankets, food and leads/chains. It has also touched the hearts of people worldwide, with one Just Giving appeal already at almost half a million pounds. But with this being a targeted attack, they started the fire in the treatment room, so the home has lost everything, all it’s medical equipment to save and operate on ill/ injured dogs. Also all stocks of medication have been destroyed, along with thousands of pounds worth of food, kindly donated from members of the public.

Add to this the kennels that have been completely destroyed, the collapsed roof and smoke damage to any parts that survived, the amount of cash needed just to try and save this century old charity will probably run into a couple of million. If you could spare any amount of cash, every penny helps, please donate at the link below:

Lets help get this great charity the funds it needs to repair and re-open so the 150 that did survive can be saved and re-homed.

Also RIP to all the poor dogs that lost their life last night, for no other reason than the sheer evilness of a horrible, vile youth.–7758178

Update: 12/08/2014  7.15pm; In exactly 24 hours, the donations have hit a incredible £1m.  Incredible support and kindness that just goes to show, for every scumbag out there, there are hundreds of genuinely kind people. Keep donating though, lets get the dogs that did survive, a home built again as quick as possible.

Update: 13/09/2014 7.00pm;  The Just Giving account has now raised an amazing £1.3m in the space of 48 hours and one of the UK’s biggest motorways was brought to a standstill with people wanting to donate and adopt dogs from their Cheshire home. One thing with Brits, we might be drunks, but we love our animals 🙂

Update: 16/09/2014 7.00pm; Astonishing  generosity from people all over the world has resulted in ££1,430,889.01 being raised already. Animal lovers from over 40 Countries have donated to the Just Giving fund and more than 3,000 companies and and individuals from some of the biggest construction sites, to local plumbers, electricians and joiners have all pledged to help rebuild the home for free!

The little piece of shit who allegedly started the fire has been outed all over the Internet too these last few days;

Also, it would appear his Mother doesn’t have much sympathy with those poor dogs that were burnt alive. This is a quote from her regarding the public outrage and hatred towards her son;

Sons mother who torched dogs home

Maxine Ann Kennedy

manchester dogs home reaches £1m

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  1. Angela

    Donated last night, Emailed loads of the big stores and went to one personally and they are going to help along with there other stores.

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