We Are Defeated; The Muppets Have Doxed Us

I think it’s over guys, the girls have doxed us good and proper, so much so, i now find my position on the internet untenable. How they found out this much info i’ll never know, but all the hard work has paid off for them, well done girls, you done good.

Dickys doxing skillz


4 Thoughts to “We Are Defeated; The Muppets Have Doxed Us”

  1. Enterprise Electrical Contractors LTD

    They know your every move, lolz.

  2. LimpWristedTwats

    I’ve seen many a lame threat made to people on the internet, but to say that, “i have you at the end of my fishing rod son, i know your every move” has just got to take the biscuit, i don’t know maybe one of the girls got it from a Liberace or Larry Grayson book and they thought it sounded macho.

  3. lol, they are deluded beyond belief. All they know is the road i live on, because their ‘info’ comes from fatboy Freestyleradio1. But because he’s never been to my flat, he doesn’t know the number, and that makes them mad lol.

    That Google+ they have is the best thing since they casted on UK Invasion, it’s funny as fook, full of spelling mistakes, wrong info and the same picture rehashed hundreds of time over, because they have nothing else lol.

    Back to this dox though, see how excited they got lol, ok, lets see, i live in Manchester, Lancashire, United Kingdom, damn, nobody knew that lol.

    They even get the divorced bit wrong, officially i am still married, but this is the UK Muppets remember, just sit back and enjoy the lulz ahead 🙂

  4. Roman Quay Dover

    Come down to Dover with your Fishing rod. I’m Sure the Dover Museum will find a place for it.

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