The Muppets Are Back Better Than Ever

Boy, how i have missed these lot lol. They are back, not casting, but back with their Google+ page and nothings changed, apart from becoming more and more retarded. Everything else is still the same, same paranoia, ie removing any posts that don’t praise them, posting incorrect info all the time and still claiming they know ‘my every move’ lol.

Ok, lets start with their spelling. It’s so easy to tell when Shehzad is mad, his writing and spelling turns in to something you would expect from a 5 year old.

muppets- no spelling mistakes here

Ok, let’s take a look eh

shez cant spell soultrain


But it gets even worse than that 🙂

i dont need

Please tell me Big Poppa isn’t English, and not who i think it is. That’s retarded, even for the Muppets.

Remember when they used to cast, anything posted in the chat that wasn’t 100% complimentary got deleted and the person got banned? Nothings changed lol

its shahzad not shez

Swiftly gets deleted lol, along with these 😉

making the muppets mad

muppets deleting posts

Don’t forget they live in a fantasy world, where nothing makes sense, only in their little bubble. This below is a perfect example.

muppets dox 1

muppets dox 2

The ironic thing about this ‘exclusive’ they claim to have, is the only person out of the whole lot that works is Tom. John sponges off his wife, Dicky can’t even get a bar job downstairs, Shahz is still on Disability for depression and Ryan is also on Disability.  Ask them what they do for work, they will either ban you or change subject lol.

Another ‘fact’ they claim to know about me, is that i’m divorced, apparently

muppets get the divorced wrong

Now unless things have changed recently, i could of sworn you had to know if you are divorced? Yet another cock up lol. Whoever this ‘friend’ of mine they reckon is giving them info on my every move is trolling the shit out these dudes 🙂

shez fishing

Welcome back girls, please stay around, getting this many illiterate retards in one channel doesn’t come around very often 🙂

Tally Ho!

4 Thoughts to “The Muppets Are Back Better Than Ever”

  1. the DTI

    Is that Shez out fishing, tut tut and he is claiming he doesn’t go out due to depression, yet he got all that fishing stuff out.

  2. The Gardener

    Big Poppa now that’s just sad. Why would you call yourself that, seriously ?
    I noticed all the comments unless they praised these numpties were getting deleted, awwww Big poppa having a Big Babba Fit.

  3. Sadia Ahmed

    what is my husband doing out fishing? He should be stuck up in that green attic taking his antidepressants and sobbing, not out enjoying himself while i have to cook, clean, look after the children and get his medication.

    Come back now Shah, i will beat you with my shoe you waster.

  4. TheGirlsAreMad

    Lol,Big Poppa, morelike Big Poopy if you ask me.

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