LDR Still As Strict As Ever

I really don’t understand why people choose to broadcast to the public, then get all upset if a viewer doesn’t say 100% positive things. We already know the muppets are like this, but so many others are too. Take last night night for instance, Ryderbak signs in to LethalDoseRadio, recognises the dj and asks a normal bloke to bloke question.

Ryderbak in ldr 1

Ok,  he could of worded it a bit differently, but Abs wasn’t bothered by it.

Ryderbak in ldr 2

See how quick Val logs in to her other account with Mod status lol

Ryderbak in ldr 3

Booom, then he was gone. How they wonder why everyone avoids that channel i’ll never know. It’s as bad, if not worse than the UK Invasion for censorship. It’s basically the broadcasting version of North Korea, praise them without fault or you’ll disappear.

Ryderbak in ldr 4

Even Abs asked why he got banned, then when Val points out what Ryder said, Abs started laughing, asking for names, as he banged that many on there. Val wasn’t happy at all. She would of probably banned Abs if he wasn’t casting.

You’ve got to hand it to Val though, she’s played all those guys real good, make up dozens of accounts, take photos from Google of pretty girls, use them as your profile picture and hey presto, the boys bend over for her….a hustler as we call them in the UK 🙂

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