RealmanPwns Is Free

He’s really turning his life around lately, first the diet and losing over 70 pounds in weight, the cut down on Vodka, and now he’s even giving up the cigarettes.

realmanpwns gives up smoking

Go RM…

Just goes to show, Shahzad, John, Ryan and Richard, you too can turn your lives around, it’s never too late 😉


The cigarettes won this time, but hey, another day?

realman smoking again

3 Thoughts to “RealmanPwns Is Free”

  1. DaveTheRave

    Judging from the amount of ciggs the big man smokes on cam this is gonna be one hard struggle for him, ex smoker here so i know how hard it’s gonna be for him….all the best to you Realman, hope you do it sir.

  2. Angie

    Lots of will power needed, good luck Realman.

  3. Unfortunately he’s back smoking, but to be honest, losing so much weight, giving up alcohol and giving up smoking all at the same time would be really hard.

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