JustCast Is Just Useless

I find this so ironic how these guys were always telling Mark Vaughn to ‘fix his shit’ yet couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery.  They have finally managed to stop guests from taking over somebody’s cams unless you are signed in, but in doing so, have now fooked up their front page.

Ok, here is Spike Hammond featured, all looking good yeah?

spike is on justcast lol

All as should be so far, until you click the enter now button, then you get this

spike not available on justcast

lol, these clowns are useless. I reckon they should Skype Tech Mod Richard (Dicky) and get him to ‘fix their shit’

4 Thoughts to “JustCast Is Just Useless”

  1. DiscoDave1888

    Wee Dicky being a tech mod is as about much use as a eunuch is in a knocking shop.

  2. Yorkie

    Same old… with just cast. just keeps breaking. Come on Tech Guys sort it out will you.

  3. We need tech support

    Dicky probably is their tech guy & thats why its all fucked up.

  4. im the owner why do you keep blaming northanmonkey you know what i pay coders to sort site not mods of site come on give me some slack

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